They say good things come in small packages.

If you agree with the title, then you would be thrilled with a smaller painting.

Do you have a small room that needs to be jazzed up? Maybe a hallway? How about a reading nook, or a breakfast nook?

Small paintings by John French tend to be simple compositions, so they aren’t cluttered. The backgrounds are muted and soft. The foregrounds are bold. Despite the simplicity of the design, there’s still enough detail to convey the beauty of a scene.

Take a look at some of these smaller pieces to see what I mean. Clicking an image takes you to my website.


Ya, see? Simple compositions, muted backgrounds, bold foregrounds.

A small John French painting looks good from across the room, or if you’re sitting comfortably right next to it.

I also want to mention that the prices are nice too, usually under $200.00. They’re inexpensive to frame, if you chose to. Plus, I’ll ship them for FREE!



      1. Yeah, and Ruidoso is neat too. Like a mini Santa Fe. Then you can swing by Fort Sumner and see Billy the Kid’s grave. The scenery isn’t as nice though. Look at me, giving you New Mexico sight-seeing tips! 😀

      2. I looooove Ruidoso. Love love love. But ya, I wanna go see his grave again. Road trip! 😀

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