Winter Sunset Walk

Let me tell you about this 16″ X 20″ painting of a winter sunset.


There are two types of people in the world: those who love snow, and the rest of us.

My friend, musician Carrie Biolo loves the snow. I never understood it. She even plays an “Icelophone”. See it on YouTube here: Carrie complained to me a few years ago that I didn’t have any winter scenes.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate winter. I’ve always hated the cold, flat dull whiteness of the season.

Enter Clyde.



Clyde is our new dog. He’s half German Shepherd, and half Anatolian Shepherd. He’s big. He weighs in at around 100 pounds and stands 35-inches at the shoulder.

He’s a working dog. He needs mental stimulation and exercise. So we have to walk him almost every day.

My wife and I have been taking Clyde for a walk almost every day, even though it’s winter.  Since Clyde has forced us to get out of the house, I’ve been able to see these cold months in a different light. I’ve developed a new appreciation for the cold, white, long winter months. For one, snow isn’t always white. I’ll explain below.

 I can’t take Clyde for his walk until around 5:00 p.m., which is about when the sun sets in January, so I’ve seen some pretty nice evenings. Yep, winter can be bright and sunny!

Rather than being white, snow reflects the light around it. I’ve always known this, but I never fully appreciated and observed this fact. Sunlight is reflected in dazzling colors by the countless ice crystals. In the shadows, with no direct light, the snow mirrors the cooler hues in the sky.

This play of light on the thick blanket of snow is captured in this beautiful, original oil painting on a gallery wrapped canvas. See how the sun’s golden rays light up the snow upon the rolling hills. Note that even in shadow, the snow is alive with color.

If you appreciate the beauty of snow, but don’t like the cold, then this is a perfect painting for you to enjoy! A 16″ X 20″ is a nice size piece. It’s big enough to make a statement, but not huge and over powering. It’s a standard, common size, so it’s easy to frame -if you want to frame it. The sides are painted a dark color, so you may not feel the need to frame this one.



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