About Me and the Art

I’m an oil painter, sharing my love of the land in strong, thick color.

mt Rushmore
See other art and links by clicking this painting.

me at whitesands

I was born in Santa Fe, NM. When I was three years old, I watched my aunt draw a picture of me, and I’ve been hooked since. As a child, I spent four years in Italy with my Air Force father. Many of my formative years were spent viewing the ancient art and architecture of the Renaissance. After our European Tour we moved to the wild and beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I’m not an extreme kind of guy, but I do get pumped about a road trip! I ache for it. I love getting on the open highway, or taking tight curves on a mountain road. Even boring trips excite me. Even short trips excite me. I enjoy being off the couch!

And I love to paint what I’ve seen. It’s the freshness of new places that gets my heart pumping. Whether it’s Mackinac Island, Chicago, Pikes Peak, or a trip to the next county, I like to see new places, or at least different places that I don’t see every day. Furthermore, I like to drive there, and get my feet on the ground and explore. I take my camera and record interesting bits of scenery, huge chunks of beauty, or moving scenes of travel.

Check out my website: www.ArtofJohnFrench.com

I have the art, and other goodies,  from this blog here: http://artfromoffthecouch.wordpress.com/

I have some cool Pinterest Boards too! http://pinterest.com/artofjohnfrench/off-the-couch-art-of-the-road-trip/



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