One forest, two very different paintings

Here are two paintings of the same subject.

Sunbeams in the Forest

I did the painting above several days ago. It’s based on a photo I took while hiking up Hog’s Back Mountain in Michigan. It’s a bright, sunny stroll through the woods called “Sunbeams in the Forest”, a 12″ X 16″ for $275.00

Though it’s a good painting, it isn’t quite what I was trying to convey. I wanted deep woods, misty and slightly spooky, like my reference photo made me feel.

So I tried again, this time without looking at the photo, and just going by my memory and feeling of the photo. I used the first painting as reference, replicating everything that worked, improving or eliminating whatever didn’t work. I came up with the painting below.

Michigan's Mystic Forest

I call this one “Michigan’s Mystic Forest”, it’s a 9″ X 12″ for $200.00

Which do you like better?

To see more paintings from Michigan, and elsewhere, please visit my website at


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