Gettysburg Revisited


The photo above is one I took at Gettysburg, PA in the fall of 2015. The photo below is a painting I made from the photo. I was experimenting with my cold wax medium and layering bright colors, offsetting the yellow with violet. It was fun, and at the time, I liked it.

Gettysburg Fences


I thought about reworking this one for awhile. Then I got a “ray of inspiration” when the sun shone through our leaded glass window and cast a prism on the fall foliage. It was beautiful!



So I reworked this painting. I brightened and intensified the mid-ground hills, added some haze to the background hills, and made the meadows a more authentic Pennsylvania green. 

The new version really says Gettysburg!

clone tag: -4205780086681962646The original painting is a palette knife painting, of course! I reworked most of it with paint brushes. I guess that makes this a hybrid…?



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