Hello, projects

I’ve been a little quiet here lately. I have good reasons.

After Art on the Rocks, I took some time to think about business. My sales were good, but not what I wanted them to be (are they ever?). In business, including an art business, you have to look at your strategy and make adjustments when needed.

What did I decide? Nothing yet. There are two shows in New Mexico that my work is  a part of. One is the Manzano Mountain Arts Council Show, and the other is the Taos Art Museum August Night. I also have two local shows that I want to apply for. More on that at a later date. So I’ll wait to see how those four events pan out before I make any decisions.

In the meantime, I was scheduled to create the September cover illustration for the Marquette Monthly magazine. The image below is my cover. It’s the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, a local icon. The lighthouse just turned 150 years old, and the community has been celebrating all summer!


It’s on a violin because I wanted to tie it in with another event: the 20th Anniversary of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra (MSO). I’m on the board of the MSO and a former president. We’re holding a fundraiser where we’re raffling old violins with paintings on them from various local artists. The violin I painted is pictured below, at various stages.


Here is another reason I’ve been quiet:


This big fella’s name is Clyde. My wife, Kris,  found him on Craigslist. He’s part German Shepherd and part Anatolian Shepherd, maybe with some Great Pyrenees mixed in. His family out grew him, and wanted to rehome him. Luckily, my wife and Clyde found each other.

My wife has always loved dogs, and they love her. She’s raised and trained German Shepherds since she was a little girl. She always thought it’d be interesting to get an Anatolian Shepard. They’re fiercely loyal and loving -if they’re properly trained.

Anatolian Shepherds have been bred the same way for 6000 years! Their instincts are the result of centuries of selective breeding. We had to work with Clyde on his terms, earning his love and respect before we could even start to train him.

Clyde has taken a lot of love, attention and care to get him used to his new home. It’s taken a lot of time for us to get used to him!



  1. Congratulations on Clyde. Yay!

    The violin is very clever. Really pretty and unique. I am assuming you use brushes this time or is there some knife work?

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