Art on the Rocks, July 30 & 31, Marquette, MI

I made a trial run of my booth setup yesterday. I hadn’t set up my tent in a couple of years and I needed to make sure it was still in good shape -plus I needed to remember how to do it! I got new display racks, and garden arbors to use as display racks. Then I hung a few paintings to get a feel of the flow. I’m happy with it and excited for Art on the Rocks next weekend!






  1. You are so helpful! Such incredible timing you have. You are gonna get me through my first festival yet!

    I get to vend at the sunflower festival and they extended the deadline for the juried show so I got to apply for that. Anyway, I got my tent in and next weekend my husband and I are going to make display panels out of horse I need to figure out what to use for posts and size and all that. It is so helpful to look at yours and think some more about how I want to do that.

    Have fun! I like your last painting for the art festival. My husband knows you as palette knife guy. He likes your final painting too.

  2. You have been more help than you know actually. But I do have so many questions…like uh…how many pieces do I take??? How do I know how to price them…what are people willing to pay for canvas art when honey is in the booth next to you? The lady said I could walk around before hand and see what others are charging for similar stuff and I guess I will have to do that. But really John, how many paintings would you take to something like that?

    1. I would display between 10 and 15 pieces, more if you have small ones. Bring backup inventory if you have any. You don’t want your booth to look sparse, and you don’t want it to look like you have too much.
      As for pricing, it’s hard for me to say since I don’t know your market very well. Here’s a link to a video from Mark Sublet from Medicine Man gallery in Santa Fe.

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