Taos Art Museum Gala

There’s a juried art exhibit in Taos, NM I want to enter. I’ve tried this show twice before and didn’t make it, but I think my work has progressed enough to warrant another shot.

They have five rather specific categories to consider. This is from their website:

Five Categories for Submissions
This juried exhibition has a long history and attracts collectors from across the US. In response to their interests, we are focusing on five specific categories this year:

  1. Following Fechin: artwork inspired by/in the style of Nicolai Fechin
  2. Do it Like Dunton: artwork inspired by/in the style of Buck Dunton
  3. Iconic visions of Taos: classic subject matter of Taos and its surroundings
  4. Shooting the Southwest: photography as a southwestern art form
  5. Less is More: small works on canvas or paper-image area no larger than 8” x 10”

Well, I’m not going to paint like Fechin or Dunton. I’ve never been to Taos, so I don’t have any photos to paint from. I’m not a photographer. So for me that leaves “less is more”.

I picked up a couple of 8X10 canvases, and started going through my photos from my recent New Mexico trip. For such a small painting surface, I assigned myself a few criteria:

  1. The composition has to be simple.
  2. There has to be strong contrast between the foreground and background, and within the foreground
  3. Background colors should be muted, foreground colors need to be intense
  4. The subject needs to be more or less generic, so the scene isn’t obviously Jemez, or obviously Santa Fe, etc.

Here’s my first entry so far. Sorry it’s blurry.

taos entry1 IP

There will be chamisa and other shrubbery around the tree, and it will be brilliant. I plan to put intense colors in the tree’s shaded areas.

If you’re an artist and you’re interested in entering, the information is here:  http://www.taosartmuseum.org/call-for-artists-2016.html



      1. Me? Oh noooo. I just started painting about 7 months ago. I have so much to learn! I thought maybe next year I might try getting in to some…??

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