I went back to New Mexico!

Whoa…let me back up.

First, let me apologize for neglecting this blog. Being the president of a symphony is time consuming. I just got done with my two terms as head of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra. By the way: if you’re local, you must come see one of our concerts!

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I started looking for artist opportunities out of my area. My number one place to look, of course, was New Mexico.

In July, I found a call-to-artist for an art exhibit in Mountainair, NM run by the Manzano Mountain Arts Council. They were accepting submissions for their juried show. So I sent them a couple of photos.


What do ya’ know, they accepted both pieces. Me, an artist in Michigan! So I packaged them up and sent them to New Mexico. They sent me a postcard. With my name on it. For an art exhibit. In New Mexico.


I shared the card on Facebook and Pinterest, and sent it to my email list. I promoted it like any other show, except I didn’t plan on going. I’m saving money for a trip to Delaware in October (and that’s a whole other post).

Then came the texts from my Aunt in Albuquerque:

“Do you two have any leave time before your October trip?”

Us TWO? Maybe… why?

 “What if you could come to the art show?”

I can’t really afford it. All my extra money is going for our Delaware trip, and hockey.

“I pay.”

[gasp!] What days?

“Fri thru ties”

“Oops ties”

“Dammit!!! Tues”

We older folks don’t text worth a shit!

So I said “YES!” Then my wife and I begged our respective bosses for the time off from our jobs. We got it.

The original plan was for just my wife and me to go. When I asked the Boy if he was OK with that, he was visibly upset. So we included him in the plans. Which is how I wanted it anyway. I can’t imagine a trip without him!

My wife had been to New Mexico when she was twelve years old. She was stuck in a hot car for hours with a whining three year old. Her memory of New Mexico was not positive. In fact she hated it. When I showed her pictures, she was like “meh…”  Plus she likes trees, flowers, and Victorian homes. Not sage brush, cactus, and adobe.

What would she think of it now? Would she hate it still? Would she like it? Maybe she’d even love it?


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