The Land of Enchantment

These are the windings and musings of my neighbors and fellow road-trippers. They’ve just left New Mexico. I wonder who told her how beautiful it was?
Love the cross on the cholla cactus!

The Long and Winding Road

I used to wondered why the license plates from New Mexico say “the Land of Enchantment”. I wonder no more, and I’ve only explored a fraction of the northern part of this incredible state. From snow capped mountains to desert vistas and ancient ruins to modern ranches, New Mexico is truly fascinating.

I’ve been told that New Mexico is beautiful, but the landscape of this area is richer in color and scope than I expected. The cliffs and mountains are a virtual rainbow of colors. The lakes aren’t just blue, they’re azure. The dry yellow grass on the hills doesn’t just glow gold in the sun, it seems to actually be molten gold. I can’t get enough, and my eyes just won’t take in enough to satisfy me. As I drive, I don’t know if I should drive faster so that I can discover more, or if I should slow…

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