Trip to Wisconsin

As you likely know by now, I love road trips. Even short ones get me antsy. I look forward to the car ride, the new sights, the old sights I haven’t seen in awhile, and changing my scenery for a bit.

My wife, the Boy and I took a weekend trip to Wisconsin. We wanted to check out the big Antique and Collectibles Flea Market way down in Elkhorn, WI. Elkhorn is just south of Milwaukee.

We stopped in the Green Bay area for the night and stayed with my stepson in DePere. After our traditional-compulsory meal  at Chipotle, we took a walk in Voyager Park, along the Fox River.

I got some great subject matter for some future paintings. One scene I just couldn’t wait to paint..

Pelicans in the Fox River
Along the Fox River in DePere, WI


Photo for “Fox River Sunset”

Notice how I left the bench empty. This is so the viewer can imagine herself or himself sitting there!

Fox River Sunset Bench
Painting of “Fox River Sunset” 10″ X 16″ $200.00 Click the image to get this!

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