The Rail Runner: From Albuquerque to Santa Fe

Rain Near Santa Fe - SOLD
Rain Near Santa Fe – SOLD
This was painted from a photo I took from the Rail Runner

 Back in April of 2013, I wrote about my 2012 trip to Santa Fe via the Rail Runner. I found a neat article on about the regional train that I wanted to share with you.

It is a nice ride with great views. I remember the scattered storms marching over the mountains and across the desert floor, flashing their occasional lightening bolts. The author of the article took the trip in a snow shower. I bet that was pretty too!

From the article: “Although the American West was largely built around railroad lines, few people travel the region by train any more. However, New Mexico’s Rail Runner train is hoping to change that. The train, which runs between the state’s two biggest cities, was intended for tourists but is now popular with commuters who live in one city and work in the other.” (continue reading the original here)





Work in progress: Depot at the Santa Fe Rail Yard.
View of a rainy column from the Rail Runner
The boy checking out the passing views from the Rail Runner.,+Efficient,+Scenic+Way+to+Get+from+Albuquerque+to+Santa+Fe