National Parks Closed

As of this writing, the National Parks system is closed because the US government can’t agree on a budget. These closed parks include many of the places I like to go or have recently been to.

Since you can’t go to the actual places right now,  you can enjoy the art I’ve created that was inspired by my previous visits to these national parks!

into the badlands
This is a scene from the heart of Badlands National Park in South Dakota.
mt Rushmore
You should still be able to see Mt Rushmore from Highway 244, but you won’t be able to walk through this gateway.
Lincoln, NM Ruins
The Town of Lincoln is designated as a National Historic District. You can still drive through the town and see the hills, but I’m betting the museum buildings are closed.
After a few days with family, we hit the road and took a day long tour of South-Central New Mexico, including Lincoln   County and White Sands. 8"w X 10"h  $145.00
New Mexico’s Highway 70 gets near enough to White Sands National Monument that you can still see the pale dunes.
Bandelier National Monument, NM 11" X 14" Oil
Bandelier National Monument is closed. To add to it’s troubles, there were heavy floods in Frijole Canyon this past summer.
Miner's Castle in the Evening 16 x 20
Miner’s Castle in the Evening. Michigan’s Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is closed. Local news outlets have reported that motorists are ignoring blocked roads and signs. This is OUR land, right?
Of course, there's plenty to do and paint in Michigan! Chapel Rock, 16"w X 20"h  $415.00
Chapel Rock is also part of Pictured Rocks national Lakeshore.

I hope our elected officials can get things hammered out soon. Many people who depend on the tourism these parks bring are have tough times.

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