Division on a Century Farm, MI

Division on a Century Farm
Division on a Century Farm


Off of US 41 in Skandia, Michigan, in Marquette County, a rolling pasture flutters through the hardwoods like a huge green banner. I’ve often wanted to take a drive down the road that goes along these fields. Whenever I drive that area, I’m almost always on the way to something else, often with some horrible time constraint.

I’m constantly advocating the idea that when on a roadtrip, the trip should be as big a part as the destination. I try to stop and enjoy things along the way as much as possible. So why did it take years of mild yearning before I finally drove down this little country road? I don’t know. So a couple of week ago, I finally did. On the way back from my sister’s wedding, I turned off the highway to see what was down that pastoral road

There’s a cute farm down that road. It’s a century farm, having been owned by the same family for over a hundred years. Up on a hill I spotted some cows. It was a striking composition because of the different greens in the fields, so I snapped a photograph.

Here’s the painting from that photo.


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