New work

  • Take a look at the three paintings above.

    I finished the tall painting on the left a couple of weeks ago. It’s a depiction of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, NM. I put it on Facebook, and within a few minutes someone reserved it. A few days later she sent me a check. Sometimes a piece will be sold before it’s dry. It’s a nice feeling!

    The painting above in the center is from the around same neighborhood as the Sandia Mountains piece. About 80 miles to the north of Albuquerque is a little town called White Rock. White Rock sits on an eastern ledge of the Jemez Mountains overlooking the Rio Grande and the Sangre de Christo Mountains. This is part of that amazing view from the Sports Complex Overlook in White Rock. Interestingly, I met a lady at Art on the Rocks who lives there! She was the only person who didn’t need me to tell her where it was! She’s now one of my newest collectors.

    I caught a photographer inspired by the view. It’s great to see other creative people also capturing the places I’m in awe of. I’m offering this piece for $400.00on my website. Get it there or email me at

    If you’re interested in something more northerly, and maybe smaller, check out the piece above on the right.This is the Northern shoreline of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Anybody who has been to the Keweenaw knows it’s a beautiful place to be. If you haven’t been there, I can assure you the area is almost magical. There are little old mining towns, historic copper mine ruins, towering rock formations, and of course all surrounded by the clear, blue Lake Superior. It definitely needs to be part of any Michigan travel plans you make!

    This little 8″ X 10″ painting fits just about anywhere and is only $150.00. It isn’t on yet, so email me at to claim it.

     Summer Recap                

    Summertime has unofficially come to an end. The Labor Day weekend is past, and the kids are back to school.

    I’m hoping you had a good summer. I certainly did. I participated in two great art fairs. First, I showed my paintings at the annual Art on the Rocks at the end of July in Marquette, MI. The weather was more wintry than one would expect from July, but dedicated art buyers were out anyway. I sold seven pieces at ‘Rocks! I also sold several copies of my book “Art of the Road Trip”. Thanks to every one who came to see me.

    Two weekends after Art on the Rocks, I hit the road. I showed at the Eagle Harbor Art Fair in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. I sold one large piece at this show, and more books.

    The Marquette Symphony Orchestra’s Season Premier Concert is September 28th, 2013.

     Here’s a map taking you to the locations of many of my latest paintings.

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