Off the Couch on a Musical Trip!

Jacob Chi Conducting the Marquette Symphony Orchestra
Jacob Chi Conducting the Marquette Symphony Orchestra

When I started this blog, I wanted to paint and write about pretty much anything that got me off the couch and out in the world. That included long trips, hockey games, or a night at the symphony.

It’s sort of evolved into more of a road trip blog. That’s fine with me. I love hitting the road, camera in hand, ready to be inspired! Still, there is so much to do right near me!

One of the things I’m passionate about is the Marquette Symphony Orchestra. The Marquette Symphony Orchestra (MSO) began playing in 1997.  It has performed to a strong audience for 16 seasons, despite recessions and economic downturns.

I started going to the MSO concerts about 6 years ago. The MSO’s Vice President at the time was one of my college professors. He convinced me to join the board so I could help with posters. Before I knew it, three years later, I was nominated to the Vice-Presidency. This made me the President-Elect.

I accepted, but I was scared. At one point, I almost quit. I love music and the arts, but I know nothing about running a symphony.

Now that I’m the President, I’ve figured a few things out. Turns out, very few people know everything about running an orchestra, and none of them have the time to do it all!

I look at it like this:  On concert night, over 75 musicians come together, with their respective instruments, each making its own beautiful sound. The timpanist doesn’t tell the cellist how to play. The harpist doesn’t worry about the clarinetist. They do it together. And they’re all led by the conductor.

That’s how it is with the organizational side of the symphony. The MSO has a strong, hard working board of volunteers who know a lot about certain aspects of the symphony. These talented people come together and make it all happen!

The MSO has kept me off the couch a lot, lately. The painting above is of our conductor, Jacob Chi. This illustration will be on the poster for our next concert, which is September 28, at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette, MI. If you’re in the area, it’s worth the $27 ticket price!



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