Art on the Rocks, Day One


I got up early, pleased to see clouds but no rain. I grabbed my last minute things and headed to the Lower Harbor Park. I found it bustling with set ups. It was a bit warmer, and a lot drier! I finished hanging my art and put price tags on them.


As people began trickling in, I realized that I forgot my mobile hotspot. Aaargghh! I needed it to take credit cards on my Square device that plugs into my tablet. So I called home and asked my wife to bring. Poor girl; she wanted to mope around the house till noon and then come down. But like a darling, she made the fifteen-mile trip two hours early. Lesson: Don’t rely on memory when you’re going through your checklist!

It was a good day. I sold several books and a few paintings. I’m exhausted, but ready for Day Two!



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