An Artist’s Opinion of Art School

Click the picture above. I found this article  by artist Noah Bradley urging students to NOT go to art school.  He makes some good points. One of the points he touched on was the fact that art school doesn’t prepare artists to be professional artists. In other words, we aren’t given a business management education. Most of us have tried to learn that on our own. It’s tough!

Link to the article is also here:



  1. Thank you for posting this article. The professional fields like education, medical, and legal fields may have to go. I think the best option for most is a trade school or 2 year technical/community college. At least try that first so you can really decide what you want to major in and boy is that another story.

    On the same subject, my thirteen year old daughter is very creative she loves to illustrate and write so I recently signed her up at the Literary Loft in Minneapolis so that she can be mentored by other authors/illustrators. I attend these classes with her as well, I would recommend these types of alternative learning first before I have her attend a high price college.

    Thanks for letting me express my feelings and I look forward to following your other posts, have a wonderful day, Allie.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to be an artist, became a CPA instead. Now I’m pursuing my art dreams, but without the benefit of the art education I always wanted. This give me hope and some great new resources.

  3. This is great! Thank you! I have had many people (mostly non-artist) who have seen my art encourage me to pursue and art education and I mostly scoff at the idea. It’s not that I think it’s a bad thing, but when I create, I create things how I feel them–not how they are seen. And I don’t believe that can be taught. I learn the things I want to learn on my own, or when I can’t do something, I have found other artists to be most helpful. Although my techniques may not be orthodox, they work for me, and the last thing I need is somebody telling me otherwise, causing me to second-guess myself more than I already do. I also like the recommendations for self-study, as I feel there is always more to learn–but on my own time. I, too, would like to learn more within the business/marketing aspect as I feel that is more teachable than the actual art side of it.

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