Goin’ to the Chapel…

Today, the Boy, my Wife, and I took a road trip to Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, near Munising, MI. More specifically, we went to Chapel Rock.

It’s a long walk, 3.2 miles one way. About halfway you get to see Chapel Falls. The last bit of the hike is almost straight down, which means straight UP coming back!  But it was well worth it. The views of the blue green Lake Superior are fantastic! And the rock formation is incredible.

Bring water and food. We had water, but no food. We were hungry!

Beginning our nearly 6.5 mile round-trip trek!


The Boy photobombing my ‘Flowered Path” pic!


A little chipmunk, eyeing us with suspicion!
A little chipmunk, eyeing us with suspicion!
Chapel Falls
Foot bridge above the falls
What a view!
Chapel Rock from the path to Chapel Beach
Chapel Rock from Chapel Beach
Looking away from Chapel Rock down the beach. Nice, sugar-sand!
chapel rock composite
It was tough to get it all in one shot. This is a composite. Gorgeous!

Art work coming soon!!



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