Crossing the Mighty Mississipp’

The Mississippi River at Dakota,MN

On August 4th,The boy (without his red coat) and I got up early and started our journey from Upper Michigan to New Mexico. The first leg of our trip was from home to Sioux Falls, SD. That first day was going to be a long one; eleven hours of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Ugh! But I knew the boredom would be broken up by the beautiful areas flanking the Mississippi River.

I’ve crossed the mighty Mississipp’ at La Crosse, WI three times in my life, and each time it was raining. As we drove out of Wisconsin, over the wide ribbon of water and into Minnesota, the rain lightened up. We stopped at a small park in Dakota, MN, stretched our legs and took a few pictures. We watched the clouds roll away or settle into the hills.

This was the farthest west the boy had ever been. This area is amazing! The breadth and depth of the valley are incredible. Several thousand years ago, the river must have been a sight to see! Now, it’s a lush, hilly valley with little towns perched on the steep green banks.

After the rain, the sky cleared and there was huge, bright sky for the rest of the trip. It felt as though we had crossed a mythical border between the East and West. In fact, we didn’t see any more rain until somewhere in Colorado.

After this lovely reprieve of flat grain fields, we were facing another three hundred miles of ho-hum. But we were lovin’ it!



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