The Boy in the Red Coat

I pretty much hate the winter. I spend a good part of my winters longing for summer. But heck, I can’t sit around for four to five months! Besides, the world is pretty after a fresh dusting of snow paired with an interesting sky.

I took my son for a hike in the hills along the shores of Lake Superior on a snowy day. We climbed to the top of Sugarloaf “Mountain” –it’s really just a huge rock– and watched the scattered snow showers float off the big lake. It was a great time to bond and see some neat things.

I almost always bring a camera along on a hike or a road trip. As my boy leaned on the cedar railing and watched the distant snow showers, I snapped the photo below.


Next month ( February, 2013) there will be a multi-artist exhibit called “Winter Charm” sponsored by the Lake Superior Art Association. I need to enter a wintry piece of art. Like I already said, I hate winter. So I don’t paint winter. But I did have some nice memories of a nice little winter hike.

So I did this…

boy in red coat1

Then this…

Boy in the red Coat2

…and I’m entering this. I call it “Boy in the Red Coat”

Boy in the Red Coat

The Winter Charm exhibit runs during the month of February, 2013 at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center

Hope to see you there!



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